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Welcome to English version of Esoteric4u Site and Forum

Добавлено: Ср сен 19, 2012 4:37 pm
Dear guests and readers of the “Esoteric Heritage and Consciousness Development Center” you can change the display language of this Forum by clicking at the bottom of the page the buttom [Russian (RU) / English (USA)].

Then, this section of the forum (category, theme, etc.) will be displayed in English.

About Our project.

Our project is devoted to the study of the Esoteric heritage and development of human consciousness.

We have a lot of knowledge and experience in this field, both - Philosophic and Practical.

All our materials are currently in Russian, only a bit of them is translated to English.

You can read all of them on the Eglish version of our site here.

We'll continue translating the materials and will be very glad to hear your opinion.

The Forum.

If you intend to work and have any questions to ask or discuss any topics you should get through registration process once over.

Please, don't hesitate to open new topics and ask questions.

You’re Welcome at the new site and forum of the Esoteric Heritage Center and Consciousness Development.